Who We Are

Hi and Welcome to Medina Skye where each guest is treated to first class service throughout their entire stay!

Medina Skye is a family-run business with Andrew Baird as the founder and CEO. Mr. Baird has worked for several years in the travel and hotel industry before finally deciding on opening (and running) Medina Skye.

Here are some interesting facts about Medina Skye.

Our CEO has two English bulldogs that you’ll see roaming around the grounds in the morning for their morning walk accompanied by either the CEO himself or one of our staff members.

Originally opened as a small bed and breakfast inn for guests who are looking for a brief respite from their travels, Medina Skye has been recently converted into a small hotel-inspired accommodation without losing its original bed and breakfast charm.

Our establishment is set in the midst of a gorgeous and lush landscape that English counties are well known for making it the perfect setting for a few days, of rest and relaxation.

The only thing you’ll hear in the morning would be the sound of birds chirping near your windowsill.

Guests have claimed that our beds are so comfy and the rooms so peaceful that all they wanted to do was to stay in bed the entire day. And why wouldn’t they want to when they can have complimentary breakfast delivered right to their door!

A stone’s throw away from several tourist spots and activity centers, Medina Skye is the perfect retreat after an entire day of outdoor activities.

If you are looking for the best value for your money without sacrificing comfort and luxury, Medina Skye is the perfect accommodation for you.

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