Car Rentals – 8 Ways to Save Money

Are you planning on renting a car once you get to your travel destination? Here are some ways on how to save money.

Early Booking

Once you have confirmed your travel plans for your luxury car rental from Leeds to London, book ahead of time for a rental car to get a chance to book the lowest priced car. Keep in mind that the lowest priced cars are the most popular for booking.

Customers who prefer last-minute bookings almost always find themselves being forced to rent a higher priced car since that is the only one available.

Shop Around

The price for car rentals is quite volatile and can fluctuate depending on the demand. Take the time to compare prices either via independent travel sites or online car rental agencies. Directly contacting the car rental company for their prices can also provide you with a much lower price.

Go Small

Smaller sized cars are usually the first to get booked but don’t let this hold you back. Since car rental agencies tend to overbook their smaller sized cars, there is a high chance that you would get a free upgrade.

Exclusive Discount Offers

Banks and credit card companies often partner with other companies such as car rental agencies to provide members with exclusive discount offers. You can get as much as up to 20% off the listed rental price with such discount offers.

Another source of exclusive discount offers would be the hotel or flight carrier that you have booked a reservation with. Check your email for possible after booking offers.

Daily and Weekly Rate Comparison

If you are staying for a long period of time and travel Miami with a Bugatti, check if the car rental agency offers a lower rate for longer rental time. Weekly rates are oftentimes lower than daily rates. Check if you can save on rental fees if you pick-up and drop-off the car around the same time.

Don’t Use an Airport Car Rental

Airport fees are exorbitant, and this can also apply to cars rented using an airport car rental facility. If the car rental agency is just a few miles from the airport, consider taking a taxi to the non-airport car rental agency. It might be a bit inconvenient, but it does help you save more.

Check ahead of time to compare the rates among non-airport car rental agencies and book in advance once you find one that suits your needs and budget.

Say No to Car Rental Insurance

Before contacting a car rental agency, check with your car insurance provider if your insurance coverage includes the use of rented cars. Oftentimes, car insurance policies do include this small detail that you overlooked.

In case your car insurance coverage doesn’t include rented cars, be sure that you are directly buying the insurance from the car rental agency. Avoid the pitfall of buying insurance from travel sites that may not provide enough coverage.

GPS Free

One add-on that car rental companies offer their customers would be the use of a GPS for an additional fee. Since there is a high chance that you already own a smartphone that comes equipped with a map function or you can download a GPS app, you easily can forego using the car rental agency’s GPS.

Do you have a tip for saving money on car rentals? I’d love to hear from you!