6 Clever Money Saving Tips for Dining Out

Do you feel like dining out tonight or for an upcoming special occasion? You don’t have to dole out a huge amount that would leave a dent in your budget. Here are some clever tips that can help you out.


Nowadays, social media is the key to a good advertisement. Restaurants have begun to create their own Facebook pages where customers can leave a review for other potential customers to read.

If your favorite restaurant has a Facebook page, you can “Like” and even follow to get notified of any Facebook-only promotional deals, discounts, and freebies.

I can’t tell you the number of times I got notified of an upcoming promotion that was never advertised elsewhere.

Free Food

Hands-down, this would probably be my most favorite money saving tip. Many restaurants offer free lunch or dinner for guests who are celebrating their birthday either on the birthdate itself or during the birth month.

The terms and conditions would definitely vary depending on the restaurant. Check out the fine print details before booking a reservation. Be ready to provide identification for the restaurant’s reference purposes as well.

Don’t hesitate to inform your waiter or waitress that you are celebrating a special occasion if they don’t offer free lunch or dinner. You just might get a piece of cake or a glass of champagne on the house.

Skip the Holiday Crowd

A dinner date on Valentine’s Day might sound romantic but it isn’t romantic if you find yourself waiting for more than an hour just to get a table only to be assisted by a frazzled-out restaurant staff.

Special occasions such as this are usually what makes restaurants hike up their prices due to the high consumer demand.

Save yourself the stress and hassle by planning a date before or after the holidays. Not only will you be more relaxed and have fun on your lunch or dinner date…you will also have a more affordable dining experience.

Weekday Specials

Check your favorite restaurants for weekday-only promotions and discount offers. These could be anything from a buy-one-take-one or 50% off deal to a freebie with every order of one particular item on their menu.

Some coffee shops even offer huge discounts for certain hours of the day, which generally would be a lull period for the business.

Service Water or Tea

Restaurants offer their guests the choice of ordering bottled water or being served with service water. Unless you have a very sensitive stomach, I would recommend skipping the bottled water and have some service water instead. Bottled water has a price while service water is free.

If you are dining in an Asian restaurant, they usually serve hot tea at no cost. Aside from being friendly to your digestive system after eating a rich and fulfilling meal, the service tea is also budget friendly.

Check Your Portions

Do you have a light appetite that makes finishing a regular meal a problem for you? Why not check out the items on the menu that are available in smaller portions? If you have a dining companion, don’t hesitate to ask him or her if they would be willing to split the main meal with you.

The takeaway here is that dining out should be an experience to be enjoyed and not something that should add more to your pile of worries.