8 Tips on How to Save on Hotel Bookings

There are more than a handful of websites that offer the best deal on hotel bookings, but did you know that there are other ways to save on hotel bookings? Read on to find out how.

Price Range Check

After going through the different websites like Travelocity and choosing a hotel that you think you would be happy with, don’t book just yet! Give the hotel a call to compare their actual offers and deals if you chose to directly book with them instead of via a hotel booking site.

Use Someone Else’s Booking Reservation

You are simply taking over a booked reservation from someone who had to cancel their trip but couldn’t get out for their booked reservation. This allows you to get a good deal on the same hotel room at almost (or even lower) the same original discounted rate when the booking was made.

The best source for this type of booking would be Roomer, which is a travel marketplace where people with non-refundable hotel reservations can list it up for sale.

Rebook for Price Matching

There is a high chance that your room rate would be offered at a lower price even after you have finalized your booking details. Don’t hesitate to contact the hotel for a possible price match and rebooking the room for a lower rate.

Remember that booked guests are always given the privilege of a 48-hour cancellation window without any penalties being charged.

Take Advantage of Online Coupon Codes

Take the time to search online for hotels that offer promotional discounts in addition to using online discount codes under applicable terms and conditions. The additional discount codes can generally range from 5% up to 20%, which means more savings for you.

Room Type Check

Hotels offer different types of rooms for a reason. Don’t hesitate to ask for a room type that would have a lower cost than the quote you are given when inquiring over the phone or via email. Most often than not, you could probably do away with the extra amenities that are offered for the higher priced rooms.

Fees and Taxes

Don’t be too eager to book a room yet. It pays to be aware that there might be additional fees and taxes that have not been clearly identified in the deal. Check with a hotel representative for these additional fees and taxes that normally doesn’t get included in the advertised room rate.

Extending a Weekend Trip

Studies have shown that booking a hotel room during long weekends to begin with a Friday night stay can be more expensive compared to beginning with a Saturday night stay. Experts have agreed that the lowest priced stay at a hotel would be for Sunday night.

Reviews Matter More Than Stars

The best source of reliable information on hotels would be customer reviews. Take the time to check out sites that offer both customer reviews and comparative hotel prices to help guide you in making the final decision.

Overall, taking the time to do your due diligence before finalizing a hotel booking is definitely worth it in the end if it means that you can save money, so you can spend it on other good stuff. Don’t you think so?