8 Hotel Alternatives for Travels

If you love to travel, then you know just how much a place to stay can take a chunk out of your travel budget. The good news is that other less expensive accommodations (compared to hotels that is) are available for you to choose from.

Short Term Rooms

One of the most popular trends among travelers are short term rooms rental that are featured in websites like Airbnb. Travelers can rent a room inside someone else’s house, cottage, or apartment for very low nightly rates giving the host an opportunity to earn some additional income.


Adventurous and young travelers often find this option a good alternative to staying in a hotel. The rates are very low since you are basically sharing a room with two or more people who you may or may not know. Websites like HostelWorld can provide you with the available listings.

Homestays or Couchsurfing

Sleeping in the living room couch or in the spare bedroom is the idea behind homestays or couchsurfing, which is probably why it is one of the least expensive (sometimes free!) travel accommodation. Websites like CouchSurfing and Servas International can help you get organized if you choose this option.

Vacation Rentals

I basically consider this a diamond in the rough among the alternative options for travel accommodations. Imagine yourself (and your travel companions) staying in a villa in France or a log cabin in the Rockies!

This option is simply perfect in that you have access to kitchen and laundry facilities while staying at a great location. An ideal travel accommodation if you are traveling in groups or with the entire family.


A number of universities and colleges open up their dormitories for rent to non-school guests during long school vacations such as summer. The other upside to this arrangement? All the venues surrounding the campus will surely offer their services at student rates.

Stay with A Family or Friend

This one’s a no-brainer. You can’t imagine the huge amount of money you get to save by planning your vacation at or around the location where a family or friend is residing. You enter a win-win situation where you can spend some quality time with them while enjoying your vacation.

House Sitting

Did you know that house sitting is a great opportunity to not only travel but also get paid for doing so? Websites like House Carers or TrustedHousesitters provides you with a listing of available homeowners looking for a house sitter. Check it out.

Camp Out

If you love to go camping and there are campgrounds or public parks where camping is allowed in the area where you want to travel, then this is the option for you.

Camping fees are very affordable even for the traveler on the tightest budget. Modern campgrounds are also equipped with bathroom facilities to provide guests with some sort of modern comfort.

Are there any other hotel alternatives that we haven’t included in the list? Let us know! We’d love to hear your thoughts.