5 Tips & Tricks for Better Hotel Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest while staying at a hotel (or any other accommodation outside your home) can be quite frustrating particularly if the conditions are not conducive to sleeping.

Here are some tips & tricks that you can try to get that much needed shut-eye.

Room Reservation Requests

When booking your room reservation, inform the hotel staff that you want the room farthest from the elevators and that is should be booked at the upper level.

If possible, the room should be located midway down the hall to avoid unwanted noise from the elevators, exits, and even closets use by housekeeping staff.

Don’t hesitate to request for a change in rooms if the one you are currently occupying is near a noisy area.

Create an Illusion of Home

Some people have a hard time getting to sleep without the familiarity of their own bedroom. You can create an illusion of home right in your very own hotel room by bringing your own set of pillow covers, your special pillow, or even a fabric or room spray that you use in your bedroom.

Keep to Your Nightly Routine Preparations

Just because you are staying at a hotel means that you should forego your nightly sleep preparations ritual. Do you drink relaxing herbal teas or are used to taking hot showers before going to bed?

If you are used to falling asleep while listening to soft piped in music, you might want to download the music selection on your phone to help re-create this nightly ritual.

Provide your family and friends with the hotel’s contact number and your room number. Let them know that they should only contact you during emergencies. This is very important if you are staying in a different time zone.

Regardless of the type of nightly ritual you are used to, sticking to these can help you achieve a good night’s rest.

Cooler is Better

Studies have shown that a cooler room temperature can help achieve a good night’s sleep.

Check the room’s air condition system to make sure that it is functioning properly. Some hotels have window-type air condition systems that tend to stir up noise the longer they are in use. If this happens, let the front desk know so they can have you transferred to a room with a quieter air condition machine.

If you are privileged to stay in an upscale room with centralized air conditioning systems, check the room for the thermostat switch and adjust it to your liking.

Keep Yourself in The Dark

Check if you can draw the curtains to block out any direct light from outside sources. Some people tend to experience difficulty sleeping even when there is just a slither of light peeking into the room.

Include a few pieces of clothespins in your traveling bag to pin down curtains that don’t want to keep closed.

If you are used to having a night light on at home, keep the bathroom light open and leave the bathroom door slightly ajar.

If you still find yourself wide awake despite doing any or all of the above steps, your best option would be to turn on a low light and read a book or magazine until you feel sleepy enough to simply close your eyes and drift off to dreamland.